Runner information for the 2013 5K color fun run

21 04 2013

Hi all!!!

Are you excited?  I am.  Got the shirts in and folded.  There is a goody bag for all those preregistered.  
If you have friends that want to come in at the last minute, that would be ok.  just no goody bag, probably not a shirt.   —but we do have a drawing for prizes when we get done.  Stay around after the 1 mile run and we will announce the winners for the 5k.  
We will have a small token for all the kids under the age of 18, so don’t forget to keep them around also.  You will have to be present to win.  
.We will also be selling buttons, and our other fundraising shirt — no one should fight this battle alone.  I will have my square available…so I can take credit cards the day of the race.  I also have a knitted cell phone holder to wear around your neck, so if you have a phone you don’t want to may be a good idea.  
There are NO bathrooms at the park, so we have ordered 4 port a potties from Johnson septic (they are just one of our corporate sponsors).  
Parking is available on the street and in the parking lot to the west of the park.  
I have enclosed a copy of the map – but it is a very large file and it may not be available to everyone — you may have to go to our facebook page or the website.  
We will “shoot” you will color from the outside of the track, so if you don’t want color — take the inside track.  This will be a liquid cornstarch paint, so it is washable.  We will give you information about how to keep the color in your light colored shirt.  You might want to bring a towel — to dry off arms etc.  We plan to have a couple of fans to dry off with.  but just in case — you may also want to use that towel to put on your car seat.  
If you wish you can bring a bottle for water — we will have water on site  — for you to fill with.  Also there will be a place to get water as you run the race on the far side.  
registration will be in the alley — behind Project Fitness (actually their alley door). There may be people working out — so please be considerate.  
Please let me know if you have questions.  If you have friends that you know are coming that didn’t give me an email address — please let them know.
Looking forward to meeting all of you.  
Denise Mohlman
Relayers Who Care Relay For Life Team
don’t forget to look at the picture I posted.
bring chairs if you want to watch the other runners.



2 responses

22 04 2013
Tessa Leonard

I am interested in setting up a seperate fundraiser at this event. I am a teacher and my class raises money for Alex’s Lemonade Foundation; they also raise money to help children with childhood cancer. If this is something that you would allow please get back to me ASAP or if not simply ignore.

22 04 2013

Tessa — I talked to the other event chair, and we have decided that it would be a conflict to move money away from our cause. I know that you will be sending some money to childhood cancer, but our cause is Relay For Life that gives money for all cancers including childhood cancer.

I believe you have a good cause, I just don’t think this would be a good venue for you. I know we will also be at farmer’s market this summer/fall. Not sure that we will be able to sell anything at our fundraiser either. Runners don’t always carry money. But we are going to try.

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